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suzani Kilim rugs quality production export

suzani Kilim rugs

Iranian artists are famous for the fantastic and beautiful designs of the whole world. Our suzani kilim rugs have been woven from the very colorful days. And the most beautiful and enchanting works of Persian handmade. In the home of every Iranian, both modern and traditional, such eye-catching miracles are found. Suzani rug, excellent present I suggest to buy a …

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Exquisite shirikipich Kilim rugs sales UK

Exquisite shirikipich Kilim rugs

Exquisite shirikipich Kilim rugs is one of the types of Iranian underground subcategories of applied handicrafts in the woven group. It is also referred to as spaghetti velvet, and in the local term it is also called “fine needle”.   Raw material The main ingredient is wool, except that its thin wool is made of woollen yarn or silk yarn. …

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Best quality suzani Kilim rugs export to russia

Best quality suzani Kilim is the ideal to achieve a harmonious space between the decoration and the furniture. So the rugs you choose should be in tune with the rest of the place. So you will make these an indispensable decorative element. But without removing prominence to the rest of the objects in your space. The materials and textures are …

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Best contemporary suzani Kilim rugs exports Dublin

The suzani Kilim rugs is a lint-free carpet that is created by the formation of a warp and woof. Typically, it warps is cotton and wool, and sometimes silk thread, and for its woof use wool and silk threads are used in colour. This carpet has different names in Persian. Killim in Afghanistan “Gilim”  in Ukraine “Badas” in the Caucasus …

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