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Modern kilim rugs sales across globe

Modern kilim rugs

The modern kilim rugs is a carpet that does not have a pearl and is created with the twist of the warp. Often it is cotton and wool, and sometimes silk yarn and its wool and wool and silk threads are colored. Kim is one of the most beautiful handicrafts in Iran, which is usually woven from silk, goat’s hair, …

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Modern finest kilim rugs trade

Modern finest kilim rugs

Modern finest kilim rugs trade . Kilim rugs belong to tribal nomadic life . Formerly and presently kilims that are made in tribal areas , hold traditional antique designs . Iran is the major producer and exporter of these rugs but Turkey and Azerbaijan are also manufacturer of these rugs . Furthermore , if we see kilims in these day …

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Supreme best modern kilim rugs sales

Cheap best quality Suzani kilim rugs

Supreme best modern kilim rugs sales . The most diverse kind of textiles , known as kilim rugs . These rugs are with all their antique traditional look , immensely in progress in today’s market . Kilim rugs formerly produce by Iran , Turkey , Azerbaijan including some other countries of Central Asia . Generally , kilims are known and …

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