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suzani Kilim rugs quality production export

suzani Kilim rugs

Iranian artists are famous for the fantastic and beautiful designs of the whole world. Our suzani kilim rugs have been woven from the very colorful days. And the most beautiful and enchanting works of Persian handmade. In the home of every Iranian, both modern and traditional, such eye-catching miracles are found. Suzani rug, excellent present I suggest to buy a …

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Qashqai Kilim rugs Singapore imports

Lori Kilim rugs

Qashqai Kilim rugs are classic home accessories that have emerged from the craft art of many years of nomadic people. And also are among the most popular and popular flat fabrics. The Berber rug is also a traditional rug, just like the kilim rug, and woven initially by nomadic peoples. Qashqai Kilim rugs, from nomadic tents to luxury apartments The …

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Exquisite shirikipich Kilim rugs sales UK

Exquisite shirikipich Kilim rugs

Exquisite shirikipich Kilim rugs is one of the types of Iranian underground subcategories of applied handicrafts in the woven group. It is also referred to as spaghetti velvet, and in the local term it is also called “fine needle”.   Raw material The main ingredient is wool, except that its thin wool is made of woollen yarn or silk yarn. …

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Finest beautiful mazandaran Kilim rugs Dubai

The name of this mazandaran Kilim rugs is in fact an expression of its meaning. kilim Mazandaran is woven with horizontal wallets. And is known by the name of Kearchal. Usually, if you want to produce Iranian carpets as carpets or carpets and carpets, it is also common. The most important city of Mazandaran, known for its work of production …

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