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Patchwork Kilim rugs

Contemporary patchwork Kilim rugs Paris exports

Contemporary patchwork Kilim rugs

The contemporary patchwork Kilim rugs is back in force because of its characteristic design and colorful pattern. It is indeed composed of several sections of carpet having the same print. But having different shades and colors. They are sewn together and the result is very elegant. This unique carpet brings a joyful touch to your home and can be placed …

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Well-made Patchwork Kilim rugs exports

Our vintage patchwork kilim rugs sew together cultures, traditions and history, creating beautifully unique rugs. That should be treated as contemporary works of art. Combining pieces of vintage and antique hand-woven rugs and backed with a piece of fabric as reinforcement. They showcase a wide variety of weaving traditions and are created to fit into both contemporary and traditional interior …

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