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Decent best Kilim rugs Manchester trades

Decent best Kilim rugs

Decent best Kilim rugs is a woven carpet or wall hanging, the peculiarity is that the weft on both sides of the kilim forms the pattern. That is, similar to the European Bildwirkerei, he was not woven with a continuous weft becomes. This type of production is particularly in the Caucasus, Iran, Asia Minor and the Balkans. Decent best Kilim …

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Exquisite shirikipich Kilim rugs sales UK

Exquisite shirikipich Kilim rugs

Exquisite shirikipich Kilim rugs is one of the types of Iranian underground subcategories of applied handicrafts in the woven group. It is also referred to as spaghetti velvet, and in the local term it is also called “fine needle”.   Raw material The main ingredient is wool, except that its thin wool is made of woollen yarn or silk yarn. …

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Best bakhtiari Kilim rugs production

Best bakhtiari Kilim rugs

Best bakhtiari Kilim rugs early 20th century Bakhtiari tribes, Chahar Mahal valley, which crosses the Zagros Mountains. Bakhtiari kilims are woven with the binding process of picks. This technique avoids creating a split between two colors. This kilim with a fairly classic central pattern is quite amazing by its border of great freedom. It is a special type of velvet-free …

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Best quality Kilim rugs imports japan

Best quality Kilim rugs is a term that indicates a fairly common Persian kilim rug. But also the technique used for its production. Persian kilims are made mainly by nomads and can be rugs, bags and tents. The kilims are also made in many other areas, in fact you can find kilim Afghans. Turks and Moldovans alongside the Persian ones. …

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antique admirable kilim rugs buy china

antique admirable kilim rugs

The use of old and antique admirable kilim rugs of Turkmen, Bakhtiari and Nomadian handmade kilim that are used in natural and vegetal colors in their yarns bring an unbeatable splendor to your home and give you rich depth and depth. These types of antique kilim rugs become the spirit of home decoration. And also if they do not, they …

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beautiful Qashqai kilim rugs trades

best kilim rugs

Qashqai kilim rugs is one of the designs of carpet weaving that is woven by Qashqai tribe. The most important producer of Qashqai kilim is the shuries Valley. Qashqai kilin won the UNESCO Authenticity Certificate in November 2013. Features of Qashqai kilim rugs Qashqai kilim rugs has high power and energy. The use of a few small logos and some …

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Bakhtiari kilim rugs discount prices marketing

Bakhtiari kilim rugs are distinct from other Iranian foliage in terms of composition. The text of these dolls includes bergamot of different sizes. Or a rhombic-shaped design that covers the whole text. And around it, there are plenty of margins with various latitudes and unusual intricate geometric designs. These edges also have a monochromatic texture on the outside. Looking at …

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Contemporary anbaran Kilim rugs exports Afghanistan

One of the oldest Iranian mats is the Contemporary anbaran Kilim rugs. The special feature of these handicrafts, which is the right of the treasures of Ardebil’s craftsmanship, is that during the historical period up to now. The changes in its texture have not been tangible. Which means that Contemporary anbaran Kilim rugs are associated with ancient times. Kilim patterns …

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