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Kilim Rugs Wholesale

Necklace is a hand-woven tissue that is woven with woolen yarn (of course old) or cotton, artificial (aniline, chrome, acrylic), and woven in a tissue of one layer of 3-5. Each How much the yarn is lower is the quality of the woven carpet is better. It can be a simple type of carpet. On this principle it can be admitted that the knit fabric was prevalent before the invention of the carpet. The works obtained in the Egyptian pharaonic tomb of 2500 BC There is a flower at that time.

Kilim Rugs Wholesale |Finest Quality in Wholesale Price

7 Signs of Persian Kilim Rugs in the World

7 Signs of Persian Kilim Rugs in the Worldkilim print

Gems are generally woven with broken motifs (geometric). Most of these motifs include rhubarb, triangular, quadrangle, flowers, bushes, cashmere, hexagonal, domestic animals and predators, as well as many other designs. The oldest woven cloth in Egypt is. Of course, in India, China, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other countries in the Middle East, weaving is done. Gelim texture has a variety of types that can be found in Gillimche, Mossad, Korgjin, Varni, Jalal and others. In Iran, most of our flowers are woven in Fars, Mashhad, Kurdistan, Yazd, Ardebil, Gorgan, Kerman, Balochistan, Azerbaijan, and other countries. Average gels usually have dimensions of one meter in two meters, motility in 150 per 100 And the gullies are in the 90’s 60’s. Persian rugs are worn in two ways: Karbas and Sufi are woven in vertical or stationary, horizontal or terraces.

Where to Find Cheapest Kilim rugs Wholesalers?

Where to Find Cheapest Kilim rugs Wholesalers? kilim pattern

 A woven cloth contains the following components:

A weave warp, a white knuckle, or a woven knife, cufflinks, workpieces, plain border, margins with text, background and the role of one. The Gilim Harsin, which belongs to Kermanshah province, has a special reputation. It is located in the province of Azarbaijan, which looks like a carpet but without Perez, which makes this type of glam plays a prominent role, and nowadays there is a type of machine called carpet-carpet in the market. Golim Douro is related to Ardebil province, both of which Its face is shaped in a variety of colors and designs.

Glim’s name and word is a familiar word for all generations. Even the kids and youth of this course also know what kind of bowling is called. Most of the kids in this era may have seen their grandmothers’ house and the charm of this carpet model is familiar to them. (What fibers are anti-electric and anti-wrinkle fibers?) The clay is a platter dating back several thousand years. Substrate that has a flat texture and is not visible in the fringe. Gellims are generally woven and have a major difference in the texture and appearance of the carpet.

Why Persian Kilim rugs Wholesalers are Globally Famous?

Why Persian Kilim rugs Wholesalers are Globally Famous? kilim design pattern

Weaving processes

The first stage of clamming is fluttering. For this purpose, after selecting, first two rows of ropes with desired distances are closed in parallel with the clipping machine, which is used in the so-called chopping thread, then the thread of cotton yarn that has the elegance or thickness desired The bullet is knotted to the right side of the right or left underneath, and then it is pulled out of the front of the first strut and runs from the front of the second strut, and goes from behind the headman to the bottom. Take out.

After quenching, it is time to close the Kjui, which is a cylindrical wooden piece with a diameter of about 4 cm and the length is equal to the width of the weaving.

The chains are knitted before the cloth weave, allowing the weaver to make the tissue work faster.

After the quenching is completed, it is necessary to proceed in such a way as to keep the flakes in place, because during the texture, due to the fact that, in order to create a density in the texture and more compression of the tufts on the woven part, it is struck and usually based on The design, Dowtein blows only for multi-dips and causes some drawbacks. One common way of preventing these forms is that some glues are used on the flanks to prevent them from moving.

What Makes Persian Kilim Rug Unique?

What Makes Persian Kilim Rug Unique? kilim history and symbols


Calimera production usually begins with a simple rhinestone texture known to weavers as weaving. For this purpose, about 15 to 16 centimeters are considered to be roots from the beginning of the rocks, and then some of the clay with a cotton yarn The face is one in between.

Sometimes weavers use colored yarns for this part, and they perform the tissue operation in two warps and two warps from below, and after the texture of each ridge, the two rings also add the chain texture to the beginning of the wool. Following is the main operation of the texture. After the clay chain, the main texture is made, and the weaver, according to the map or the effect of his mind, passes the colored yarns that were previously bullet-shaped from the wings of the wool Give

It is important for each woven band to be worn. The proper method of knitting in a weaving cloth is important. To do this, we need to hold the knitting needle so that the distance between the elbow to the wrists is completely horizontal and the shoulder is moved upwards by moving the wrist. Go down

It should be noted that warp cords, which are usually made of cotton yarn, are always cut slightly more than the size of a knit.

Which Countries Are Importing Kilim Rugs?

Which Countries Are Importing Kilim Rugs? kilim pattern fabric

What are the features of a flower?

As you said, the flower is made of wool and made up of short knit and petioles. The flowers are not tall. In fact, a quality and well-woven velvet should not be worn and its wool should be short. No matter how thin the carpet is and the yarns used are thinner in it, and the yarn’s texture is smoother and more elegant, the flower is more premium and more exquisite. In fact, one of the special features of exquisite wool is the use of high quality yarn. In order to weave this underlayment, if they want to be very soft and exquisite, they generally use crack.

What is crack used in flower?

Crack is the best yarn for knitting. Generally, Kirk is taken from the wool of the neck and under the armpit of the sheep, that is, the wool under the armpit and the neck of the sheep from the other parts of the body is softer, thinner and more delicate. (What is the yarn’s yarn?) So weavers are generally preferred Use it for carpet weaving. Another kind of wool used to make this type of carpet is Marinus. The use of marinus in the tissue of flowers really has a direct and effective effect on the quality of the work and makes it much more refined.

How Persian Kilim Rugs Become the First Rank?

How Persian Kilim Rugs Become the First Rank?  turkish kilim

Which animals are generally used for wool weaving?

Usually they use wool for animals such as sheep and goats for carpet weaving. Because they prefer to use sheep wool in this product because of its features.

1. Firstly, fleece and goat fleece are smoother, more flexible and more comfortable.

2-The second is more durable and later it is destroyed and later torn.

Thirdly, as you know, they make cloths of dyed yarns. Fleece and goat fleece are better colored and more colorful. 4. Another point about the reason for using wool is that the wool is easier to bend and better to be tied up.

5. Finally, the abundance of wool in sheep and goats has been made to be used more for carpet weaving.

Why Persian Kilim rugs Wholesale have More Traders?

Why Persian Kilim rugs Wholesale have More Traders? kelim or kilim

Usually weaving knitting techniques is in three ways: plain knit wool, high velvet and velvet wool. Let’s explain how each one is textured.

Plain cloth is one of the methods of knitting

In this type of girdle, the tufts are torn apart between the warps or the chalk. This kind of carpet has one and can not be used on both sides and is generally used for its texture and is not woven in a mental way. (What is the style of knitting?) The most important roles in plain knitting The baffles are geometric patterns and less curved patterns are used in their texture. In some cases, these types of gems are drawn using wool fibers, which are similar to geometric shapes. Plain cloth is one of the methods of knitting that is common in many Iranian cities, although different patterns can be used in each city.

Worldwide Exports of Persian Kilim Rugs 2019

Worldwide Exports of Persian Kilim Rugs 2019 Embellished rugs are another style of knitting

This type of knitting is knitted in a simple manner. (What is the process of knitting? What is the style of knitting? But it has a basic design that looks like a fluffy carpet and is exactly woven like that. In such a way, using and on the carpet map, knitting will clink and, in the end, it will separate the extra pins.

Flower Vernier is another style of carpet weaving

This kind of necklace is warped and woven one by one. Another feature of this flower is that without a woven map, weaver runs it using a map in mind. Gilim Verni is woven by the tribes of Moghan, Arasbaran and Meshkinshahr cities, and is also performed in different cities like Kerman and Kurdistan with different styles. In Kurdistan, Golim Varni is known as the Shiriniki Screw.

All types of climbs are named and their texture is a distinctive feature of the type of drawing and use of the warp. In different cities, these flowers may be spun with different threads and colors appropriate to the culture of the city, though their old examples are kept in some museums in Iran and the world. It is necessary to know that weaving cloth in four other ways These include: balanced texture, facial tissue, facial tissue, and torsional tissue.

Most Valuable Kilim Rugs with Best Designs

Most Valuable Kilim Rugs with Best Designs

In different types of tissue we define four types of tissue for gem, which we will describe below.
A balanced texture description in the teaching of various types of tissueIn this thread, the warp and wool are woven plainly. (What is the style of knitting? What is the texture? What is the texture? What is the texture? What is the texture? What is the texture of the wool? The texture is torn and the distance between the threads is reduced. This kind of wool is woven as monochrome and is therefore less used as a decorative clay. (How is the style of knitting?) Balanced wool is the first and easiest way of knitting that comes in teaching different kinds of tissue clay. . At the end of the texture, this kind of glam has a square plan with a frustration, which is beautiful in simplicity of the design.
Description of the facade texture in the teaching of various types of tissueThe mattress fabric is also called Powder. In this type of gum, the number of bastards is more than the carnations, and so is also named podro. Another feature of this type of carpet is that the blades are not visible and the back and on the crochet is one. It will be usable in the form of dual. This kind of wool is woven in two simple and slotted types. In the slippery model, the color of the pendant is changed, and in this way the distance between the warps is created. In the teaching of various types of tissue, it is said that in the skeletal texture of the slider, the warp around the last warp will come from another color. This type of texture has a staggering state, and the reason is because of the difference in color between the flutes.

Contemporary Designs vs Traditional Kilim Rugs Designs

Contemporary Designs vs Traditional Kilim Rugs Designs

The description of the connective tissue in the teaching of various types of tissue tissue

The problem that occurs in the tufts of the tufts is the distance that occurs between the tufts due to discoloration. In the method of connecting the device, by solving the clouds of adjacent colors around the warp, they have solved the problem of slipping the wool. This method makes it difficult to see the gap.

Torsion tissue in the teaching of various types of tissue

In tufted texture, they use many different designs. Weave tufted texture using dull and colored dyed colors. This makes the wool weave look like a carpet. This style of weaving is executed using mathematical patterns and colored threads around warps are woven based on this pattern. In fact, they create math patterns in this glyph.

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