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Diverse striped Kilim rugs trades

Diverse striped kilim rugs trades are usual and glorious. Striped kilim rugs are one of the modern kilim rugs. They are inspired from Shahsavan kilim rugs. Shahsavan kilim rugs are traditional and tribal kilim rugs. Striped kilim rugs have varied type. These type of designs give the customers and traders the right to choose their desirable striped kilim rugs.

Diverse striped Kilim rugs trades

Diverse striped kilim rugs types

Diverse striped kilim rugs are available in two types. Traditional and Modern striped kilim rugs. Traditional striped kilim rugs are woven by tribal girls. So They have their especial method for weaving these kilim rugs. Also Traditional striped kilim rugs have some symbols in their parallel lines.
Modern kilim rugs are different from traditional ones. Their striped designs are not exactly parallel. They could be crossover each other.

In traditional striped kilim rugs you will find regularity. In Other diverse striped kilim rugs like modern kilim rugs Striped lines often do not have repetitive shapes like traditional kilim rugs. But they have a regularity in their designs.

Many varied designs are created with these divers striped lines. Thickness of lines are variable in different designs. Combination of varied thickness lines with each other make a new modern striped kilim rug.

Also Indian kilim rugs are weaving Handwoven modern kilim rugs. Also They are beautiful too. but beauty is not just the purpose of trading. There are many countries that weave kilim rugs in this style and type.

Also Moroccan kilim rugs are so similar to Persian kilim rugs.


Diverse striped Kilim rugs trades

Diverse striped kilim rugs exports

Best quality kilim rugs are beautiful, stable, colorful and there are lot of parameters that a best quality glorious kilim rugs has. Persian striped kilim rugs are guaranteed these parameters to customers and importers.
Almost all of the countries in all continents know about quality of Persian kilim rugs. ِAlso Some developed countries import striped kilim rugs from Iran for trading in their countries and using a Persian carpet or kilim rug in their own places is honor for them. They have especial respects for Persian kilim rugs.
Diverse striped kilim rugs trades happen in the following list country:

  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • India

Diverse striped Kilim rugs trades

Striped kilim rugs history

One of these striped kilim rugs that we discussed about their designs are shown in the museum. This striped kilim rug is kept in Safavi era carpets Museum of Iran. Kilim rugs designers use zigzag lines in new modern striped kilim rugs. But old kilim rug that kept in the museum have just zigzag striped lines. Modern kilim rugs for other countries are an old version kilim rug for Persian hand weavers and kilim rugs manufacturers. So striped kilim rugs have a long history in Iran.

Diverse striped Kilim rugs trades

Diverse striped kilim rugs industry

Striped kilim rugs and modern kilim rugs industry is developing While other modern industries are. Designers of striped kilim rugs and other type of modern kilim rugs are using diverse striped lines and shapes in their designs for kilim rugs.

So They are the creature of new modern striped designs. Also in competition with other countries Diverse striped kilim rugs have more designs in Iran. As a result Persian designers and advanced weaving machines are producing striped kilim rugs in best quality.

Every piece of kilim rugs has the signs of elegant and style of their creature.
Therefore, no matter what the type of kilim rug is. Iran make all kind of kilim rugs like Striped kilim rugs, Modern kilim rugs, Traditional kilims and etc. in best quality, valuable and exquisite form.
Although they are best and no words about their quality. Persian kilim rugs are cheapest kilim rugs that you can buy and trade.

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